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We can recover MCU STMicroelectronics ST62T65C6 and extract its code, please view below the chip feature for your reference:



■ 3.0 to 6.0V supply operating range

■ 8 MHz maximum clock frequency

■ -40 to +125°C operating temperature range

■ Run, Wait and Stop modes when recover IC

■ 5 interrupt vectors

■ Look-up table capability in program memory

■ Data storage in program memory: user selectable size


■ Data RAM: 128 bytes

■ Data EEPROM: 128 bytes (not in ST6255C)

■ User programmable options after recover IC

■ 21 I/O pins, fully programmable as:

– Input with pull-up resistor

– Input without pull-up resistor

– Input with interrupt generation

– Open-drain or push-pull output

– Analog Input

■ 8 I/O lines can sink up to 30 mA to drive LEDs or TRIACs directly

– 8-bit Timer/Counter with 7-bit programmable prescaler if recover IC

■ 8-bit Auto-reload timer with 7-bit programmable prescaler (AR Timer)

■ Digital watchdog

■ Oscillator safe guard (not in ST6265B ROM devices)

■ Low voltage detector for safe reset (not in ST6265B ROM devices)

■ 8-bit A/D converter with 13 analog inputs

■ 8-bit synchronous peripheral interface (SPI)

■ On-chip clock oscillator can be driven by quartz crystal, ceramic resonator or RC network

■ User configurable power-on reset

(See end of Datasheet for Ordering Information) for the purpose of recover IC

Table 1. Device summary


■ One external non-maskable interrupt

■ ST626x-EMU2 Emulation and Development

System (connects to an MS-DOS PC via a parallel port) if recover IC

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