Attack MCU can have a great variety of methods, one of them is GLITCH MCU Attack. It is a way which will swiftly change the signals input into the MCU to affect its normal operation. Generally speaking the glitching is overlapped on the power supply or timing clock, but the glitching can also be the transient electrical field or electro-magnetic impulse when attack MCU. Place two minor metal needles on the several hundreds of microns away from the surface of MCU, and then add hundreds of voltage with narrow impulse with less than 1 micro-second. The safer bottom can sense the electrical field when attack MCU and force the adjacent transistors voltage value change.

There is one way in recent days about advanced MCU Attack: use hundreds of metal coils to roll the needle tips of microprobe and constitute a minor inductor. When the current go through the coil will generate magnetic field, tips can focus the magnetic lead. Each one of the transistors can form the time extensive RC circuit with the tracks they are connect with of MCU attack. The maximum timing frequency of processor depends on the maximum delay on the circuit.

At the same time, each trigger in the MCU attack has a featured time windows among the received input voltage and output voltage caused by it. This windows used for MCU Attack is designed and confirmed by the specific voltage and temperature. If use clock noise (which is much shorter than the normal impulse) or power supply noise (the swift wave vibration in the power supply voltage) will affect the transistors in the MCU chip when attack it. And will contribute directly to lead other one or several triggers into the wrong instructions, sometimes even can’t be supported by microcode when attack MCU. Although we can’t foresee what kind of noise will probably cause which mistake when attack MCU, but it can proceed the systematic search simply.

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