Break IC Firmware will need to change the content inside the SRAM, although there are many ways to use pulse laser to stimulate the ion radiation, but IC breaker has already found that there is no public information can be used to control them or change the functionality of integrated circuit in the IC. That is why Break IC need to use strong light source to affect the semiconductor IC to break it, and confirm whether the status of memorizer units can be modified and its difficulties level.

First target of experiment is SRAM, The standard six tubes SRAM structure, has a trigger which is constituted by two pairs of P and N types transistors. The other two N type transistors can use to read its status and program the new firmware into it after successfully IC breaking. Transistors VT1 & VT2 can form the reverser combine with other similar part together constitute the triggers form by transistor VT3 & VT6.

If the transistor VT1 can be short cut by external factors shortly, it will bring about the status modification on the trigger when Break IC. Expose transistor VT4 and unit status will be changed to the opposite status for IC breaking. The main difficulty is focus the ion radiation to only several square microns and control the proper strongness.

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