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We can reverse engineering Microcontroller MC68HC705P6ACDW Binary, please view Microcontroller MC68HC705P6ACDW feature for your reference:

Features of the MC68HC705P6A include:

· Low cost

· M68HC05 core

· 28-pin SOIC, PDIP, or windowed DIP package if attack microcontroller

· 4672 bytes of user EPROM (including 48 bytes of page zero EPROM and 16 bytes of user vectors)

·  239 bytes of bootloader ROM

· 176 bytes of on-chip RAM

· 4-channel 8-bit A/D converter

· SIOP serial communications port

· 16-bit timer with output compare and input capture if attack microcontroller

· 20 bidirectional I/O lines and 1 input-only line

· PC0 and PC1 high-current outputs

· Single-chip, bootloader, and test modes

· Power-saving stop, halt, and wait modes

· Static EPROM mask option register (MOR) selectable options:

– COP watchdog timer enable or disable

– Edge-sensitive or edge- and level-sensitive external interrupt when attack microcontroller

– SIOP most significant bit (MSB) or least significant bit (LSB) first

– SIOP clock rates: OSC divided by 8, 16, 32, or 64

– Stop instruction mode, STOP or HALT

– EPROM security external lockout

– Programmable keyscan (pullups/interrupts) on PA0–PA7

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