PostHeaderIcon Attack Chip ST62T00CB6 Firmware


We can Attack Chip ST62T00CB6 Firmware and extract its source code out of eeprom, please view below Chip ST62T00CB6 features for your reference:



– 1K or 2K bytes Program memory (OTP, EPROM, FASTROM or ROM) with read-out protection

– 64 bytes RAM if Attack Chip


Clock, Reset and Supply Management

– Enhanced reset system


– Low voltage detector (LVD) for safe Reset

– Clock sources: crystal/ceramic resonator or RC network, external clock, backup oscillator (LFAO) when Attack Chip

– Oscillator safeguard (OSG)


– 2 Power saving modes: Wait and Stop


Interrupt Management

– 4 interrupt vectors plus NMI and RESET

– 9 external interrupt lines (on 2 vectors) when Attack Chip



9 I/O Ports

– 9 multifunctional bidirectional I/O lines

– 4 alternate function lines

– 3 high sink outputs (20mA) before Attack Chip


2 Timers

– Configurable watchdog timer



– 8-bit timer/counter with a 7-bit prescaler after Attack Chip

Analog Peripheral

(See Section 11.5 for Ordering Information)

– 8-bit ADC with 4 input channels (except on ST6203C) Instruction Set

Development Tools before Attack Chip

– Full hardware/software development package

– 8-bit data manipulation

– 40 basic instructions

– 9 addressing modes

– Bit manipulation if Break IC

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