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PostHeaderIcon Restore Wiring Schematic from existing Circuit Card

Not only the most updated Restoring Wiring Schematic of Circuit Card software we use, but also master numerous methods of PCB Reverse Engineering after all these years of practice and accumulated experience. We can provide service include various kinds of high-frequency circuit card restore wiring schematic service, multilayer blind/buried via HDI PCB circuit card wiring schematic restoration and design, even mobile phone circuit card restore wiring schematic and compile circuit card wiring schemaitc, which can be viewed as precise and detailed technical principle reference for the research, design and test on final stage of your product.

PostHeaderIcon Restore Circuit Diagram from existing PCB Card

All the PCB card circuit diagrams we have restored are all proofreading by pcb card pattern network, all the component’s designation, part number and network name are all complete and easy to check. Also apply “relative centralization of components of functional module” onto module drawing method, it is readability can even equal to original designed circuit diagram after restoration. Customer can easily understand the original design idea of product, to capture some flash spot of high advanced design, moreover, customer’s unique idea can be integrate into it for launch the high advanced product after restore circuit diagram from pcb card service.

PostHeaderIcon Restore Schematic Diagram from existing Circuit Board

Either analyzing Circuit Board principle and electronic product feature through PCB Reverse Engineering, or as basement and technical support for Circuit Board design after PCB Restoration, restore schematic diagram from circuit board plays a very special role. Furthermore, it can also take an important effect during the process of product adjustment, repair and modification, restore schematic diagram from circuit board is critical part of our service catalogue. You just need to provide sample circuit board prototype, or circuit board layout file, we can restore schematic diagram from circuit board with 100% accuracy.

PostHeaderIcon Reverse Engineering Wiring Diagram from existing PCB Board

In the research of reverse engineering wiring diagram from existing PCB Board, definition of Reverse engineering Wiring diagram from existing PCB Board is reverse engineering PCB wiring diagram through PCB Board pattern file or directly draw it according to physical electronic PCB Board sample under the purpose of description of PCB Board principle and working environment. Moreover, this wiring diagram from PCB Reverse engineering can also being used to analyze functional feature of electronic product.

PostHeaderIcon Extract wiring diagram from Existing Circuit Board

Checking and Optimization:

Whole process of  extract wiring diagram from circuit board finish only after checking and testing done and approve pass, for nominal value of those distribution parameter sensitive components of circuit board need to check and optimizing, according to circuit board design or PCB Reverse Engineering, compare the extracted wiring diagram with PCB Clone or circuit board design file to ensure the accuracy and completeness.

PostHeaderIcon Extract circuit diagram from Existing PCB Board

Master the basic framework, take the similar PCB Board as reference when extract circuit diagram from it:

For those basic formats of electronic PCB Board circuit and circuit diagram drawing, engineer should understand them very thoroughly, because they can help to draw some simple and typical circuit unit directly, but also form electronic circuit framework.

From other side, please remember that same kind of electronic product can be similar to a certain extent, engineer should accumulate more experience and can take them as reference to extract circuit diagram.

PostHeaderIcon Identify the circuit board track layout

Identify the circuit board track pattern dissipation and layout circuit board track pattern logically:

For distinguish of ground plane, power supply circuit and signal circuit, also require engineer to have related power supply, circuit connection, circuit board layout and PCB Reverse Engineering knowledge. How to distinguish these different kinds of circuit can rely on component connection situation, copper thickness and feature of electronic product.

During the process of PCB layout & PCB Clone, in order to avoid the cross line, large bulks of ground signal can be applied on the ground plane, different circuit can use different colors to help distinguish one another, also specified symbol can use on specified components, can even separate unit circuit and draw them. And finally can integrate them together.

PostHeaderIcon Extract schematic diagram from Existing PWB

Orient the RIGHT part:

This right part as a standard one can be viewed as the main part before the PWB schematic diagram being extracted, according to these standard part’s lead can to great extend ensure the accuracy of schematic diagram extraction of PWB.

In view of engineer, it isn’t too much trouble for them to locate standard part, generally, they can choose those parts which play the main role in the functional module, they usually have more leads and bigger size which could be helpful for drawing, such as integrate circuit, transformer and crystal.

PostHeaderIcon Reverse engineering circuit diagram from Existing PCB Card

Carve out different zones according to functions:

During the process of reverse engineering circuit diagram from PCB Card, carve up different zones according to module function can greatly help engineers to avoid some unnecessary troubles, improve efficiency of drawing. Generally speaking, the components of PCB Card which work for same functions can be centralized, which can bring more convenience evidence for reverse engineering circuit diagram from PCB Card.

However, Carve up functional module isn’t at random. It requires engineers to have better knowledge of electronic and electric PCB Card circuit diagram project. First of all, find out the core part of the single functional unit, and then through this core part can find out other components, finally form a function subarea. Establishment of function subarea is the basement of compile PCB card circuit diagram. Additional, during this process, those designators of components in sequence can also help you locate the function subarea sooner.

PostHeaderIcon PCB Redesign

The Problem why the PCB Redesign occurs:

Do you have legacy circuit board layouts that were created with an obsolete CAD system? Many times these layouts are still being used to maintain current products or as replacement parts for older products. Do you frequently have to modify these layouts? Do you have to transfer these layouts from one manufacturing platform to another? Are you looking at a complete PCB redesign to facilitate this?

The Solution which PCB Redesign can bring:

As an alternate solution to PCB redesign or Gerber modification is to “Reverse Engineering” the Gerber files into an intelligent format that can be read by today’s PCB CAD systems. This process takes the Gerber artwork, builds intelligence and electrical nets and ends in a complete CAD database which ensures a pefect match with the original circuit layout.