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Probe Technology

The principle of this technology is exposure internal wire connection, through inspection, manipulation and interfere MCU to achieve CPLD Crack purpose.

For more convenience, people can separate above 4 methods into 2 categories: 1 is intruded cpld crack, this kind of crack will need to decap the package, and then by the assistance of semiconductor testing device, microscope and mini-locator, spend several hours or even weeks can finish in a dedicated lab. All the probe technology can be classified as intruded cpld crack. The other 3 ways belong to un-intruded crack, objects wouldn’t be damaged physically. In some occasion un-intruded CPLD Crack is very dangerous, that is because un-intruded crack device can be self-made and upgrade, cost is very low.

A majority of un-intrude cpld crack need hacker have good knowledge of microprocessor and software. On the contrary, intruded probe cpld mcu ic hack don’t need too much knowledge, moreover can use a set of similar technology to deal with products in wider scope. As a result of that, CPLD Crack normally start from intruded IC crack, accumulated experience will help you develop more economical and faster un-intruded crack technology.