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FPGA crack’s Error-Occurring technology

Through abnormal operation situation to let errors occur in FPGA, and then provide extra accessing to crack FPGA, the most commonly used error-occurring methods include voltage shock and clock shock, low voltage and high voltage fpga crack can be applied for prohibition of circuit protection or force microprocessor to operate errors. Clock transient hop maybe can re-set circuit protection but won’t damage protected information. Power supply and clock transient hop can affect recovery and execution of single order in part of FPGA.

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2 Electronic detective Extract MCU code:

The principle of this method is monitor simulation characteristic of all the power supply and interface connection during the standard operation under high resolution, and extract MCU code by monitoring its electromagnetic radiation. Because MCU is an active electronic component, when it operate different orders, corresponding power supply consumption will alter accordingly. Then use special electronic measurement device and mathematic statistical method to analyze and detect these changes, can extract code embedded inside the MCU.

Currently RF programmer can read program of old MCU is base upon this principle.

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1 — Software MCU Attack:

This method use communication interface of processor plus protocol, encrypted algorithm to attack MCU, a typical successful example of software attack is the MCU Attack against early ATMEL AT89C51 series MCU. Attacker takes advantage of the design flaw of erasure operation sequence, use self-made program to erase encrypted lock location, and then halt the next operation of erase internal program, through which the encrypted MCU being turn into decrypted MCU after attacked, finally use programmer to read the internal procedure.

Currently base upon the other encryption method, some kind of devices can be promoted accompany with certain types of software can be used as software mcu attack. In recent days, domestic market has presented a kind of 51 MCU attack device, this decipher is mainly focus on brands like SyncMos, Winbond, use the leak of the production technology and insert positioning bit of several programmer, find out continuous empty locations through certain methods, which means need to find out the continuous FF FF bits, those inserted bits can instruct the order of send internal program to outside environment, and then use mcu attack device to intercept and capture, MCU Attack process can be finished.

PostHeaderIcon MCU Break Introduction

Microcontrollers (MCU)  generally have internal EEPROM / FLASH program for users to store data. To prevent unauthorized access or copy microcontroller program of MCU (MCU BREAK), most of MCUs are encrypted with the encryption lock orientation or lock-bit bytes to protect the MCU program. If the programming lock-bit encryption is enabled (locked), you can’t use ordinary programmer reads the program directly within MCU, which is called encryption or MCU encryption. MCU breaker with special equipment or home-made equipment, take the advantage of single IC design flaw or software defects, through a variety of techniques, can break key information from the MCU, access to program inside microcontroller MCU, which is called MCU break.