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We can Recover MCU PIC16F873 Heximal, please view below IC PIC16F873 features for your reference:


Devices Included in this Data Sheet:

Analog Features:

· 10-bit, up to 8-channel Analog-to-Digital Converter (A/D)

· Brown-out Reset (BOR)

High-Performance RISC CPU:

· Only 35 single-word instructions to learn when Recover IC

· All single-cycle instructions except for program branches, which are two-cycle

· Operating speed: DC – 20 MHz clock input DC – 200 ns instruction cycle

· Up to 8K x 14 words of Flash Program Memory,

Up to 368 x 8 bytes of Data Memory (RAM),

Up to 256 x 8 bytes of EEPROM Data Memory

· Pinout compatible to other 28-pin or 40/44-pin PIC16CXXX and PIC16FXXX microcontrollers

Peripheral Features:

· Timer0: 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit prescaler if Recover IC

· Timer1: 16-bit timer/counter with prescaler, can be incremented during Sleep via external crystal/clock

· Timer2: 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit period register, prescaler and postscaler

· Two Capture, Compare, PWM modules

– Capture is 16-bit, max. resolution is 12.5 ns

– Compare is 16-bit, max. resolution is 200 ns

– PWM max. resolution is 10-bit

· Synchronous Serial Port (SSP) with SPI™ (Master mode) and I2C™ (Master/Slave) after Recover IC

· Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (USART/SCI) with 9-bit address detection

· Parallel Slave Port (PSP) – 8 bits wide with external RD, WR and CS controls (40/44-pin only)

· Brown-out detection circuitry for Brown-out Reset (BOR)

· Analog Comparator module with:

– Two analog comparators

– Programmable on-chip voltage reference (VREF) module before Recover IC

– Programmable input multiplexing from device inputs and internal voltage reference

– Comparator outputs are externally accessible

Special Microcontroller Features:

· 100,000 erase/write cycle Enhanced Flash program memory typical

· 1,000,000 erase/write cycle Data EEPROM memory typical

· Data EEPROM Retention > 40 years

· Self-reprogrammable under software control

· In-Circuit Serial Programming™ (ICSP™) via two pins after Recover IC

· Single-supply 5V In-Circuit Serial Programming

· Watchdog Timer (WDT) with its own on-chip RC oscillator for reliable operation

· Programmable code protection

· Power saving Sleep mode

· Selectable oscillator options if Recover IC

· In-Circuit Debug (ICD) via two pins CMOS Technology:

· Low-power, high-speed Flash/EEPROM technology

· Fully static design

· Wide operating voltage range (2.0V to 5.5V)

· Commercial and Industrial temperature ranges

· Low-power consumption

PostHeaderIcon Copy MCU PIC18F4685 Software


We can recover MCU PIC18F4685 Software, below MCU PIC18F4685 features for your reference:


Power-Managed Modes:

Peripheral Highlights:

Run: CPU on, peripherals on

Idle: CPU off, peripherals on

Sleep: CPU off, peripherals off

Idle mode currents down to 5.8 ìA typical

Sleep mode currents down to 0.1 ìA typical when Copy MCU

Timer1 Oscillator: 1.1 ìA, 32 kHz, 2V

Watchdog Timer: 2.1 ìA

Two-Speed Oscillator Start-up


High-Current Sink/source 25 mA/25 mA

Three External Interrupts

One Capture/Compare/PWM (CCP1) module

Enhanced Capture/Compare/PWM (ECCP1) module

(40/44-pin devices only):

– One, two or four PWM outputs after Copy MCU

– Selectable polarity

– Programmable dead time


Flexible Oscillator Structure:

· Four Crystal modes, up to 40 MHz

· 4x Phase Lock Loop (PLL) – available for crystal and internal oscillators

· Two External RC modes, up to 4 MHz

· Two External Clock modes, up to 40 MHz

· Internal Oscillator Block:

– 8 user-selectable frequencies, from 31 kHz to 8 MHz before Copy MCU

– Provides a complete range of clock speeds,

from 31 kHz to 32 MHz when used with PLL

– User-tunable to compensate for frequency drift

· Secondary Oscillator using Timer1 @ 32 kHz

· Fail-Safe Clock Monitor

– Allows for safe shutdown if peripheral clock stops

– Auto-shutdown and auto-restart

Master Synchronous Serial Port (MSSP) module supporting 3-Wire SPI (all 4 modes) and I2C™

Master and Slave modes if Copy MCU

Enhanced Addressable USART module:

– Supports RS-485, RS-232 and LIN 1.3

– RS-232 operation using internal oscillator block (no external crystal required)

– Auto-wake-up on Start bit

– Auto-Baud Detect

10-Bit, up to 11-Channel Analog-to-Digital when Copy MCU

Converter module (A/D), up to 100 ksps:

– Auto-acquisition capability

– Conversion available during Sleep

Dual Analog Comparators with Input Multiplexing


Special Microcontroller Features:

· C compiler Optimized Architecture with optional

Extended Instruction Set

· 100,000 Erase/Write Cycle Enhanced Flash

Program Memory typical

· 1,000,000 Erase/Write Cycle Data EEPROM after Copy MCU

Memory typical

· Flash/Data EEPROM Retention: > 40 years

· Self-Programmable under Software Control

· Priority Levels for Interrupts

· 8 x 8 Single-Cycle Hardware Multiplier

· Extended Watchdog Timer (WDT):

– Programmable period from 41 ms to 131s

· Single-Supply 5V In-Circuit Serial

Programming™ (ICSP™) via two pins

· In-Circuit Debug (ICD) via two pins

· Wide operating voltage range: 2.0V to 5.5V when Copy MCU


ECAN Module Features:

· Message bit rates up to 1 Mbps

· Conforms to CAN 2.0B ACTIVE Specification

· Fully Backward Compatible with PIC18XXX8 CAN modules

· Three Modes of Operation:

– Legacy, Enhanced Legacy, FIFO

· Three Dedicated Transmit Buffers with Prioritization after Copy MCU

· Two Dedicated Receive Buffers

· Six Programmable Receive/Transmit Buffers

· Three Full, 29-Bit Acceptance Masks

· 16 Full, 29-Bit Acceptance Filters w/Dynamic Association

· DeviceNet™ Data Byte Filter Support

· Automatic Remote Frame Handling

· Advanced Error Management Features if Copy MCU